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Direct Message Marketing

DMM is extensively known as Text Blast or SMS Marketing. It is both the most effective and most efficient medium of advertising nowadays as target markets of brands, products and services has gone more active and mobile than ever.

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Loyalty Program
(Customer Retention Program)

Philippines is not a coupon market anymore. At present, the way to a Filipino customer's heart is through special perks and privileges you make available to them via a loyalty card.

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Social Media Marketing
(Digital Marketing Services)

Social media comes next after Text Blast as the most viral marketing tools of today. Internet has been a daily part of any individual's life at present. Exchange of information and means of communication has never been this fast because of technology.

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Coupon Express

It is an electronic coupon system that allows you to collect information about your customer and giving them special incentives that they can easily share it to their social media accounts hence, the today's word-of-mouth.

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Welcome to Boogs Software!

Boogs Software provides you with the best, highly customized and most complete marketing services always. We ensure that your important considerations and goals are put first for the said services to perform its purpose for your business.

Boogs stays with you in the whole course of the projects to guarantee that what we do for you is what you need in those business-defining moments and decision making. We usually work closely with your company's assigned project team leader from conceptualization, planning and launch, to even regular program evaluations to ensure continuous improvement of our services to your business.

Boogs values two important words: service and relationship. We are not just your solution provider. We are your marketing service partner.