Boogs Software

About Boogs Software

The business was founded since 2002. Within its years of existence in the corporate arena, the purpose to provide innovative and good quality solutions has become the backbone of Boogs Software's achievements and milestones.

Boogs Software humbly started with venturing into online games. It has developed more than 30 game titles and offered those to companies. One of its greatest accomplishments was to create a game for Amspec, the big manufacturing company behind the well-known brands like Crayola and Mongol. Boogs successfully implemented an interactive, user-friendly and fun-filled game application for the said company. Amspec was able to launch a coloring book online game through Boogs where kids can choose different art materials to do their crafts and even print their works online. Their website traffic tripled from the time they launched the said game.



Our mission is to offer our exemplary services and marketing skills to our clients for achievement of growth and success.

Boogs Software also did some mobile games and mobile security applications. Pinoy Central, the biggest application provider in the Philippines, was one of those who recognized our mobile games. With the astonishing results of initial projects done with them, they even asked us to develop a mobile version of their most popular TV game show, "Game Ka Na Ba?". Boogs was also the creator behind "Bulldog". This product was designed to safeguard individuals' mobile phone data. No other than the National Telecommunication Center (NTC) recognized this anti-mobile phone theft technology introduced by Boogs.

For years, Boogs Software has gained reputation for business integrity and quality of service. Boogs has always set clients and its partners FIRST in everything that it does for them.

At present, Boogs Software continues to serve in the corporate arena via the following excellent, effective and more efficient marketing services:

  • Direct Message Marketing (also known as "DMM" or Text Blast)
  • Full-Service Rebate Loyalty Card Programs (Zero Additional Hardware, Software and Manpower Requirements on the part of the Client)
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing (Excellently maintained by a Certified Digital Marketer)

Boogs Software would like to serve your specific needs and requirements as well. We hope that you could allow us to deliver the best we can for you.